General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Data and Privacy Note: SUEPO's Website and App Cookie Settings in Compliance with EU GDPR Guidelines
At SUEPO, safeguarding your privacy is of paramount importance, and we are unwavering in our commitment to upholding the principles set forth by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the European Union.
In our capacity as a data controller, we take the responsibility of preserving user privacy very seriously. This note provides insight into how SUEPO manages data practices with respect to cookie settings on our website and app, ensuring strict adherence to the current EU GDPR guidelines.
About SUEPO's website cookies: SUEPO's websites use cookies to improve the user experience, personalise content and analyse website traffic. These cookies serve various functions, including the following categories:
- Required cookies: These cookies are essential for basic website functions such as Tor, notepad or login functions. The website cannot function without them.
- Media cookies: Cookies are required if users want to view posts, images, videos, audios or access third-party content and services.
- Marketing cookies: These cookies help to recognise user interests and display relevant product recommendations on external partner websites.
- Statistics cookies: These cookies collect anonymised data to evaluate the attractiveness of individual pages and improve the online experience.
Website users can choose to either accept all cookies or opt out by declining all cookies on the SUEPO websites.
Data Collection in SUEPO App: It should be noted that the SUEPO app does not collect, store, or track data from its users at any time. We value your privacy and ensure that our app respects your personal information.
General data protection regulations: The General Data Protection Regulations enters into force in the European Union on Friday 25 May 2018. As a labor union, SUEPO places a high priority on safeguarding user data and is dedicated to providing transparent and clear data practices for and its subdomains, as outlined in the section below.
What we need from our users to ensure the proper functioning of the union's operations:
- Contact information, including name, address, email address and phone number.
- Employment status, i.e. active, inactive (invalid), retired.
- Grade and seniority at the European Patent Office (EPO) for the calculation of membership categories.
- Payment details, including a bank account number.
Failure to provide this information may affect our ability to provide membership services and benefits.
Why we need our members' personal data: SUEPO processes personal data for both contractual and lawful purposes, including:
- Providing core membership services, membership confirmations, renewal notices and payment notifications.
- Providing news and updates about union events and meetings and relevant information about working conditions.
- Responding to and investigating questions, comments, complaints, concerns or allegations.
Other uses of members' personal data: SUEPO may seek consent to process personal data for other purposes, such as online surveys, and specific privacy notices will be provided for these activities.
Who we share members' personal data with: Personal data may be shared with legal or regulatory authorities in order to fulfil legal obligations. It may also be shared with professional and legal advisers when they are asked for advice.
Third party providers who have access to members' personal data are bound by strict contractual provisions to process the data solely on the instructions of SUEPO and to protect it for the purposes specified.
How we protect our members' personal data: SUEPO ensures the protection of data through password-protected access, firewalls and secure filing systems. Personal data is stored electronically and password protected, and paper records are stored securely.
How long we keep our members' personal data: Personal data is retained for as long as necessary to provide services to members. Data may be reviewed and deleted if a member has not renewed their membership for two years or if they have resigned.
Members' rights: They have the right to change their communication preferences, request rectification of their personal data, request erasure of data and access the personal data that SUEPO holds about them by submitting a subject access request.
Digital contact forms are available for members to get in touch with SUEPO administration if they have any questions about data protection or this notice.
This information demonstrates SUEPO's commitment to user privacy, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and transparency in the use of cookies.
Unsubscribing/cancelling membership is made simple and is done through an electronic form as provided on the local (subdomain) websites.
For any questions about privacy or this notice, please contact the SUEPO administration at webmaster (at
This information demonstrates SUEPO's commitment to user privacy, GDPR compliance, and transparency about data usage, including the statement about the SUEPO app not collecting, storing, or tracking user data.